Ok so I have 4 dogs and a lots of people want me to show them my dogs, so I decide to ask which one my dogs do you guys want to see first.

First I have duke  he’s the oldest of my dogs he’s pretty big, likes to protect me and my family,and last he has a big heart.

Next we got Sasha she’s a girl and first of all she love’s to play catch, she has a lot of hair ,and last she’s really energetic.

Next we have  Diesel he’s the chill dog of my 4 dogs, plus when anyone of my family members comes home he’s instantly there at the front door, and lastly one of his legs is shorter then the other.

Last but certainly not least we have Bruno he’s the youngest out of my 4  and he’s really energetic and loves to play outside and he’s a puppy.

So comment team Duke, team Sasha, or team Diesel,   or team Bruno. Thanks for reading the blog and I’ll see you in the next one.

SOL#22:Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is supposed to be one of the  roughest games and sopposed to be real entertaining, competitive, but this year’s Super Bowl had none of that in fact the chiefs vs  Patriots felt more like the Super Bowl then the actual Super Bowl and if you don’t agree with that then please let me know in the comments.

The clock hits 7pm my mom instantly turns to Super Bowl channel then me and my family hear the football music 30 minutes later nothing has happen besides the partriots scoring a field goal, Tom Brady hasn’t done anything and the rams star quarterback Jared Golf for some odd reason can’t throw the ball.

1 hour later the score hasn’t changed wow this Super Bowl has been horrible the rams can’t get a first down and there tiring the deffence out, and the rams haven’t used there star running back who rushed for 5,689 yards. Some one finally scores with 10 minutes left and do you want to guess who scored well it was the patriots. The next 10 minutes nothing important happens, so this was the super bowl if you didn’t watch it. I hope you enjoyed the blog and see you in the next one.

SOL#21:The Honey Badger

It all started on a Saturday morning my older brother was watching a documentary on a Honey Badger and at the time I had no idea what the animal was so I asked him what is that animal and he said.“This animal is the most fearless,cocky animal I have ever seen and it can die to venom. I said.

”This animal can’t be real”. He told me to look up a documentary on the Honey Badger and I did and I instantly fell in love with the animal and I found out that this animal skin is the toughest skin out there, and it’s the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. I hope you enjoyed the blog and I’ll see you in the next on.


Traveling is one of the scariest things just because anything can happen which is scary to me and you don’t have to agree with that but that’s my opinion. My mom woke me and my siblings up at 4:30 to head to the airport, we got there at 6:55 which was 20 minutes before are plane took off to go to Florida.

We finally get in the plane and my older brother and sister tell me to in the back which was horrible idea because when you take off you just fell like your about to fall off your chair. Long story short we got to Florida in one pice and had a good time there. So this was my blog today I hope you enjoyed and see you in the next one.


SOL#19:Sad day

It was Fourth of July and my mom told me and my siblings that we were going to are uncle house for Fourth of July. 20 minutes later we get to are uncles house and see are cousins and say hi and they tell us we are going to have a water ballon fight.4 hours later were lighting fire works and blasting music, me and my little brother asked my mom if we can buy glow in dark bracelets and she let us buy them.

we head back home after a fun day my dad opens the door but at that moment I hear and see something I wish I didn’t hadent my dog penny was bleeding all over the place and then she looked at me like I don’t want to die please don’t let me die.

I instantly call for my dad and moms help they say what do you need and I replied penny’s dying and then my dad runs past me to go in the house and so do my siblings and my mom comes to hug me because I was crying.

30 minutes later my dad and mom come back home and tell us the news and why made her die , it turns out that my dog penny was really scared of loud noise and when she heard the loud noise she looked around for me to hug or to make her feel safe again. So I hope you enjoyed the blog and love you penny.

SOL#15: Zoo day

It was a Friday and we were out of school so I asked my mom if we can do something to day and she replied we can go to the zoo if you want to go there and I said yes,yes,yes. I got my brothers up and then we started are journey to the zoo, about ten minutes later we arrived.

When we’d arrived to the zoo my little brother ran straight to the entrance and then waited for us. The first animal we went to see was the lions they looked so cool and we one of the lions came over to were we were standing which was really cool.

The next animals we saw were the polar bear and bears, we really didn’t get to see the polar bears because it was pretty hot but we saw the grizzly bears and right by the bears were the wolves, penguins, and the bald eagle. We

We all agreed that we would visit the penguins so as soon as we went in we saw penguins jumping in and catching fish in mid air it was so fun to see those little penguins jump up so high. Next we visited the bald eagle it flyed so high but before was saw it I saw a sign saying help save bald eagles lives and I told my mom and she said I could donate.

My mom told all of us that we had to go to make it to my cousins party. So this was my blog for today I hoped you enjoyed.

SOL#14:Getting picked

Harry Potter has always been my favorite series and one of my favorite things about the books is the sorting hat and were would he had sorted me too. It was a Tuesday morning and we were doing what we normally had to do check out what were eating for lunch get ready for the day etc.

20 minutes later Ms.VW tells us to go to the carpet then she tells us what’s going on and the first person go’s up the hat says Slytherin, skin 9 people and it’s my turn I’m thinking I’m going to Hufflepuff but then I hear Slytherin and I am so happy I got anything that wasn’t Gryffindor. So that’s my blog for to day hope to see you in the next one.